Peak Climbing

Nepal is called the mountaineer's paradise, 334 climbing peaks along with eight of the world's highest mountains are waiting for you ! The Himalaya of Nepal is the most formidable mountain range in the world.

Among the 334 mountains in Nepal, 103 are virgin which have never been climbed before. Nepal offers mountaineers more opportunities than any other country in the world, and throws endless challenges at them including the less glorified trekking peaks which still requires climbing gear and skills if you want to climb them.

The ultimate glory of mountaineering is reaching the summit of Mt. Everest but there are also climbers looking to climb virgin peaks.

The best time for mountaineering expeditions is pre-monsoon when the weather is better, especially at altitude, although the visibility might be restricted with the pending monsoon conditions. Autumn is good for the slightly lower peaks, while winter is cold with short days and early Spring might be subjected to seasonal snow storms.